Kumpan Alexandr

Kumpan Alexandr has a small collection of outstanding inhuman creations.


Somehow he simultaneously achieves both a coolness and warmth in his color scheme.


Such interesting organic mutations…



Kumpan Alexandr


4 Responses to “Kumpan Alexandr”

  1. Another fascinating choice, Dana! I admit I wasn’t instantly drawn to these images, but then I saw ‘Cochlea’ (pic 3) and was completely hooked!

    What I especially love about these paintings is their depth and texture – which so often seems to be lacking in digital work. Gorgeous! -Nx

  2. If Guillermo del Toro was having an acid trip about alien-shrimp life forms, I think this would pretty much nail it. So bizarre, I like it. The color schemes are great. That’s what’s awesome about digital art programs, there’s so much versatility to coerce your work to perfection and infinite pantones to create without wasting tubes of paint to mix eye-popping shades. But you still have to have talent, that’ll always be the deciding factor.

  3. Hmmm, I kinda like wasting all those tubes of paint (in a perverse sort of way). It’s almost a rite of passage for me!

    Agree absolutely about talent being the deciding factor though: dig. or trad.

    Oooh, another Guillermo del toro fan…… 😉 -Nx

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