Conjuruer’s Kitchen

Conjuruer’s Kitchen makes the most majestic macabre morsels I’ve seen.

Yes, this is a cake. They all are.



I find it very interesting…the crossing of gag-worthy subject matter with delicious confections. To eat or not to eat…


The Osteologist’s dream cake:

I was gifted a Conjurer’s Kitchen hand-sculpted white chocolate raven skull by the lovely and talented Tonya Hurley…it’s too beautiful to eat. I keep it on display.

Conjuruer’s Kitchen


2 Responses to “Conjuruer’s Kitchen”

  1. Incredible work and probably just as delicious to eat, granted if you ever get the gumption to devour such confectionary masterpieces of macabre goodness. Why they don’t have their own bakery show on cable is beyond me. I don’t blame you Dana for not eating your raven skull, I would display it also.

  2. These are wonderful!

    Wanting to see more, I followed the link to the Conjurer’s Kitchen website and then Annabel de Vetten’s blog…
    …where I was so fascinated by the creepy ‘cat with hands’ cake that I watched the short film which inspired it – and now I’m going to have nightmares…
    …assuming I ever sleep again. =8-0

    Delicious 😉 -Nx

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