And now, a word from Dana


(thank you Mr. Hitchcock!) “Dear friends and followers, I disappeared last week b/c I was rushed into emergency surgery (a major open surgery procedure, unfortunately). I’m still in the hospital and will be recovering for quite a while. Bear with me and my little sliced up guts! I’ll get back to posting ASAP!”

Hitchcock, floating in The Thames

Thanks Everyone, for continued support and Energy. I will be Dana’s acting fingers for posts, but rest assured it shall be her whimsy and spirit that guides the posts–though this one is done as a nod to her spirit while I await some more sources.  Thank you all. BVM.


5 Responses to “And now, a word from Dana”

  1. I like the sense of humor. Hope the healing goes quickly.

  2. I agree with Hitchcock!

  3. You are one seriously tough woman! Someday your body will catch up with your spirit, and then we’ll watch you soar!

  4. I hope you have an easy recovery. You have one amazing, strong spirit.

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