Simon Costin for Alexander McQueen

McQueen created his own ‘museum of woman-monsters’ in his second couture collection for Givenchy, Eclect Dissect, shown in July 1997. In the period leading up to to the show, his art director Simon Costin combined the late Victorian costumes McQueen was then looking at with with a series of animated skeletons and muscle men from the sixteenth-century anatomical plates of Andreas Vesalius in a series of collages.






4 Responses to “Simon Costin for Alexander McQueen”

  1. ~meredith Says:

    You’re such a wonderful teacher. I love your choice of art–almost always–and I dearly love learning, here. XX Meredith

  2. What striking, and in their own way quite beautiful, drawings; thank you for posting them.

    However, I think it would’ve been the late – and much lamented – Alexander McQueen (Chief Designer for Givenchy from 1996 to 2001) who collaborated with Simon Costin on the images? -Nx

  3. Haha, that’s very true – as I know to my cost!

    I probably wouldn’t even have noticed if I didn’t happen to be such a fan of both Alexander and Steve. So sad that both died far too young. -Nx

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