Adam Dougherty: Witch Hazel

I loved the Looney Tunes episodes that featured Witch Hazel. Adam Dougherty (aka Kreature Kid) made this incredible life size model of the screechy sorceress.


Amazing, no?



Adam Dougherty


3 Responses to “Adam Dougherty: Witch Hazel”

  1. I like this. Always liked Witch Hazel and especially Gossamer, the big, orangey-red hairy monster with sneakers. I have a T-shirt of Gossamer. One day I should start doing stuff like this and let the world know my talent. Kids’ today have so many resources available and markets to develop a dream career early-on in their lives. Good for him.

  2. Keith Hudgins Says:

    she looks lovely 🙂 in todays looney tunes they have completely changed her voice, just not the same.

  3. I seem to remember her turning into a really pretty lady rabbit at the end of that episode, is that correct?

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