Lenka Simeckova

Today I bring you Lenka Simeckova’s creepy illustrations and paintings.



I love the effect of the blank, white eyes…


Lenka Simeckova

Cannot type/talk due to severe illness (all words courtesy of voice software or kind typing helpers)…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond.


5 Responses to “Lenka Simeckova”

  1. I hope you are better soon!

  2. Also thinking of you Dana, and sending loving vibes.

    Have to say, having checked that link to Lenka’s deviantArt site (where she’s MadLittleClown), these are some of her less-scary images!

    Her work’s amazing though, and well worth following. Thank you for introducing me to it! -Nx

  3. Creepy cool, I really like these.
    I’m partial to the haunted house. Something about those forlorn phantasmal dwellings that sucks my soul in. Perhaps because I perceive them as not evil places but humble shelters for stricken souls that once walked alive; breathed fresh air, felt the sun and rain on their skin, loved and cried unloved, was joyous and lamented, now still yearning in their demise to make a connection with the living as intangible fractal energy no matter the disconnection that confronts our two worlds. Like I told my uncle before he died, “Don’t be afraid, life never ends, it just changes”. I think, I hope, that had brought him some peace. RIP Uncle Paul 😦

  4. Wow KEric, that’s such a powerful message! I generally make a point (ahem, or try to…) of only commenting on the OP’s post, but this time I’ve had to make an exception. Most of us have known an ‘Uncle Paul’, I think, and wanted to offer comfort at the time of their passing.

    I still don’t know what happens after death (how could I?) – but for the moment this explanation works great for me.

    So thank you KEric – and may your much-loved Uncle Paul rest in well-deserved peace.


  5. To Neta, thank you for extending your much-appreciated compliments and also kind sentiments for my beloved Uncle Paul, he was a priceless good man in every sense of the word and I wish I could’ve been there when he passed over suddenly and unexpectedly. I’m glad my advice to him will “live on” beyond my own mind to help ease others. -KEric

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