Halloween Countdown: Real Monstrosities Roundup

My friend Joseph runs what I believe is THE best wildlife blog on the internet. Yes, the ENTIRE internet.

The incredible creatures, substantive information (you’ll be a hit at parties with these facts, folks…well…at least the parties I’d go to), and his inimitable wit make Real Monstrosities an absolute delight to read. It’s my go-to source for a wicked creature fix.

What’s better than the best wildlife blog on the internet? A HALLOWEEN ROUNDUP on that blog!


Head over to Thrice-damned Hallowe’en Horrors to see this year’s picks!


2 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Real Monstrosities Roundup”

  1. Wow, such amazing little critters, all doing what it takes to feed their families – isn’t nature magnificent???

    Another wonderful post btw Dana; thank you so much. (Love this blog!) -Nx

  2. Awww! You’re far too kind. Thank you!

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