Halloween Countdown: The Return of Monster Cereals

I’m sure most have you have heard all five monster cereals are back on shelves this year. This means the return of long-discontinued Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy.

The current boxes:

And the FAR superior retro versions, which have resurfaced as a Target exclusive.

These comparative photos substantiate the point I often make about how digital artistry (though often incredible, and I freely give credit where it is due) can positively suck the soul out of media.

Tell me your cereal experiences! Which boxes did you buy? Taste verdicts?

Cannot type/talk due to severe illness (all words courtesy of voice software or kind typing helpers)…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond.

4 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: The Return of Monster Cereals”

  1. Abe & I are on the hunt for Frute Brute tonight!

  2. caffeinatedjoe Says:

    Got all five of the retro boxes at Target. Love them all, but Boo Berry will always be my favorite!

  3. Frute Brute was my favourite and was introduced briefly when I was a child. I don’t think he resurfaced ever–Yummy Mummy should be the same cereal, and came out many years later. Fruit Brute wore the grooviest of mod clothes a werewolf has ever sported!

  4. I didn’t know about Fruit Brute or Yummy Mummy! I do however remember when Count Chocula and Frankenberry first came out, I was watching my favorite Saturday morning cartoon, “The Milton The Monster Show”, when the add for these new breakfast delights appeared. Now that I think about it, my tragic style seems to have begun at a terribly early age. Oh well, back into therapy I suppose.

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