Jeff Hoke: Codex of Creativity

When I came across a post on Phantasmaphile regarding Jeff Hoke’s Codex of Creativity, I began drooling covetously.



Do you see yourself as creative? Creativity is often seen as something magical and mysterious. The Codex confirms and explores this heady notion in all it’s mystery. Whether you regularly make things or want to develop a new skill, the Codex affirms creativity as a given talent that we all have.

Drawing on examples from the history of art, science and philosophy, it illuminates the creative process through the analogy of alchemy. As each stage of the alchemical process introduces a new concept in creativity, the folio encourages you to act, reflect and harness your own uniquely mysterious talent through thoughtful exercises you can pursue at home.

The 24-page monograph combines ancient wisdom and symbolism with contemporary psychology and philosophy to examine how we perceive and re-create the world. Examples from other artists, writers, scientists and philosophers illuminate the step-by-step journey that leads from idealistic expectations to the wonder of manifesting a physical object. The result is a practical, accessible tool to develop and enhance your creativity. A do-it-yourself zoetrope model is included with the Codex. Beautifully designed with intricate details, It features animations that reinforce the concepts behind the creative process. Building the model also offers you a hands-on opportunity to practice your own creativity.

This project, for lack of a better way to put it, speaks to my soul. Art, theory, history, science, symbolism, alchemy…it has “Dana” written all over it. I’m fascinated by alchemical teachings and processes (currently working on a system of applying said principles to healing). I must have this.

Codex of Creativity

One Response to “Jeff Hoke: Codex of Creativity”

  1. Sounds amazing! Quite the smorgasbord!

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