The Pitt Rivers of Oxford

Morbid Anatomy has an amazing post about The Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford’s collection of anthropology and world archaeology.


I’m nearly tipsy from the mere act of looking at these sample pictures. One day, I will visit. It will be my version of hiking a long journey…I’ll bring water bottles and bags of trail mix.


See some more photos here.
The Pitt Rivers Museum

Cannot type/talk due to severe illness (all words courtesy of voice software or kind typing helpers)…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond.

8 Responses to “The Pitt Rivers of Oxford”

  1. Incredible, and love the presentation and building. The collection reminds me a bit of the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia:

  2. I’m going to make you green with envy now. I live very near Pitt Rivers – and it is without doubt the best museum in the whole wide world! My dream is to hide away in a cupboard one evening till everyone’s gone home and I can have the whole place to myself…
    …in the dark and the shadows – which would make it even better!

    If you ever do get a chance to visit, then grab it with both hands; I promise you won’t be disappointed. -Nx

  3. I love the way objects are displayed, so casual and in an almost stockpiled fashion.

  4. It’s a warehouse of madness! Love that huge totem pole

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