Seance: The Board Game

Today I give you a rare Milton Bradley treat, manufactured in 1972:

Players bid on dead Uncle Everett’s possessions and the high bidder listens to instructions from their dead Uncle via a record (played on the record player hidden in the deck.) When all the items have been bid on and acquired, the record in the desk in turned over and Uncle Everett tells the players what each of the items is worth or how is due in taxes for the item. The player with the most cash at the end of the game is the winner.


While this game is undeniably awesome, I have trouble conceiving a way for the same person or group of people to play it more than once. After finding out what the items are worth…well…it becomes a dead giveaway (pun intended). Perhaps there is some chance to how the items are acquired or how one gets to bid?


More images here.


8 Responses to “Seance: The Board Game”

  1. Carrie Filetti Says:

    I come across some amazing vintage games at the flea markets. I’m keeping my eyes open for this one! Though if I find it, Mike will make me sell it 😦

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I want that soooo bad 😀

  3. Its too bad the only complete one on ebay is almost $300. It would be awesome to try it.

  4. carolinelarnach Says:

    That is seriously twisted! I messed with seances as a kid, we were about 10 or 11 I guess. Freaked ourselves out completely. Its a rotten way to develop nightmares and lose sleep. But as a sceptical adult … I reckon that game just looks like fin.

  5. Matthew Vett Says:

    That sounds interesting. It seems to be just all random chance, though… I’m sure nowadays, with digital recordings, you could totally randomize the revelations, so at least you’d be able to get some replay value. For me, though, I’d want there to be some sort of logical way, no matter how convoluted or complex, to at least get an estimate of what something might be worth.

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