Christine Kilger Victorian Lamps

Here we have Nightshades, by Christine Kilger.


Like the lovely Magnolia Hall, there are a few lamps here that should grace the cozy corners of my house.




Cannot type/talk due to severe illness (all words courtesy of voice software or kind typing helpers)…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond.

7 Responses to “Christine Kilger Victorian Lamps”

  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  2. meredith Says:

    These are works of art…. Yes, you should have a few of these. Imagine.

  3. I’ll bet the light thrown off by the lovely creations is quite flattering.

  4. We must have our own beliefs.

  5. These are stunning! Hope your feeling better now..god bless xx

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