From Major to Minor

I have a bit of problem. I only feel “at home” with minor key songs. Thus, I feel most…if not all…major key tunes should be given THIS treatment.


If you know of any other projects like this (or do it yourself and take requests), please share!

Cannot type/talk due to severe illness (all words courtesy of voice software or kind typing helpers)…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond.


5 Responses to “From Major to Minor”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m simply amazed, how do you find this stuff?!

  2. So that’s why I never found this song convincing! This is amazing, and doing it on this song in particular is quite perverse. Which is good. It sounds like one of those old European misery hits, like fado or some of those old Jewish songs.

    I’d definitely like to hear more of this sort of thing!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      JJG, you pointed out the irony I missed (somehow!)…it was like getting a Christmas gift. Face lit up.

  3. bettiemuldoon Says:

    The warbliness and changes to the vocals is a little distracting at times, but I really was impressed by this. I was really into the Beatles in Jr, High, but oddly now I appreciate them best when covered by bands who do alter the key. This is pretty darned cool. Thank you!

  4. Keith Hudgins Says:

    to me says a great song is still a great song no matter how you alter it! Did enjoy hearing this version, just enough to make it fresh 🙂

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