Ransom & Mitchell

Posted by proxy from Dana’s “stuff to blog” queue while she is on medical hiatus. She reads and appreciates all comments…and apologizes for not being able to respond at the moment.

Ransom & Mitchell’s website is bound to have you turning over every rock looking for morsels. Their surreal and ofttimes macabre portraits are exquisitely staged nightmares. Perfection.





Ransom & Mitchell

**Please, dear readers, send Good Thoughts, Positive Energy, Prayers, and ANY means of conveying support and healing to Dana. THANK YOU! The Proxy Blogger**

2 Responses to “Ransom & Mitchell”

  1. Amazing stuff! The old fashioned style makes them all the more creepy. I really wonder what’s going on in that first one. It looks like a play or some weird Adam and Eve thing. There’s even a snake crawling around on the leg of the bench!

  2. Keith Hudgins Says:

    please let Dana know she is in our prayers every day!

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