Want to Write for SheWalksSoftly?

That’s right, folks! I really want to keep this blog going in the midst of my precarious health situation, so I thought I would give you wonderful readers a chance to contribute.


Got a project you’d like to share? A favorite artist? If you’ve been following this site and feel you would be a great guest writer, please send a sample post to shewalkssoftlyblog@gmail.com. You can format your email with words and images as you would format the actual post, or send an attachment.


If it fits the site, I will put it up, along with any links to your own blog or personal website (of course you will be given ample credit for your contribution). I look forward to seeing what you all come up with and making this a true community project until I have recovered enough to resume full blogging responsibilities (and who knows, some of you may earn a permanent guest blogger spot!).

5 Responses to “Want to Write for SheWalksSoftly?”

  1. Kelly Goles Says:

    This is such a great idea! I better get to work on something 🙂
    Hope you are healing well *hugs*

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