Sigrid Sarda

Posted by proxy from Dana’s “stuff to blog” queue while she is on medical hiatus. She reads and appreciates all comments…and apologizes for not being able to respond at the moment.

Off with her head!   Vanité, The Maiden is a life-size Waxwork Mix Media sculpture. If you would like to get into the head of Sigrid Sarda, it may not be as easy as you would think. Her website states that she “constructs life-size human figures made of wax incorporating human remains in the tradition of the doll as a magical object. The figures become talismans, reliquaries housing human bones.” What do you say to that?

phoca_thumb_l_vanite 11 copy

phoca_thumb_l_vanite 1 copy



Sigrid Sarda

**My daily request to send Good Thoughts, Positive Energy, Prayers, and ANY means of conveying support and healing to Dana is the biggest reward I can ask the Readership for at all times. THANK YOU! The Proxy Blogger**

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