Van Der Lichamm

This aromatherapy bottle design looks like it was made with me (and my fellow anatomical geeks) in mind!

From the Van Der Lichaam is a Dutch aromatherapy company based in Delft, Holland:

“I designed a set of perfume bottles along with a box of perfume vials. This set of perfume packages are inspired by the Victorian cabinet of curiosities. Each go the illustrations on the back of the label relates to the aromatherapy of the scent. The jasmine + sandalwood fragrance is to increase romance. The bottle features an anatomical heart illustration. The rosemary + bergamot fragrance is blended to improve metal clarity. The bottle features a brain illustration. The eucalyptus + lemon fragrance is blended to improve respiratory health. The bottle features an illustration of a pair of lungs.”

I’ll take all 3…


4 Responses to “Van Der Lichamm”

  1. Nothing more romantic than an anatomical heart illustration!

    • Hello, I just hopped over to your weagbpe via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would generally read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thanks for creating some thing well worth reading.

  2. WOW! These are amazing and so you! I think you should treat yourself. You deserve it:)

  3. This reminds me of when I was in college and shared a bathroom with dorm mates. To freak them out I soaked the labels off my cologne bottles and relabeled them with names like Rape, Murder, and Sin.

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