Halloween Countdown: The Black Cat on Vintage Horror Radio

(Image by Byam Shaw)

Recently I had a perfect evening for a spooky little introvert before Halloween: decorations in place and gently glowing a warm orange light, wind blowing the stunning spectrum of autumn leaves outside my window, and me nestled on the couch in comfy pajamas with a heated throw blanket, some seasonal treats and a purring sleepy kitty to cuddle.

Oh, and THIS playing…

How much, on a scale of one to PLAY IT NOW! PLAY IT NOW!, do you want to hear Peter Lorre’s sweet kitty talk amidst the sinister goings on of Poe’s classic tale? Amazing stuff.

The episode first aired September 18, 1947.

Listen HERE.


2 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: The Black Cat on Vintage Horror Radio”

  1. I think I may just have to take a listen! Thanks 🙂

  2. Thanks Dana, I took your advice … carved a kooky pumpkin, placed and lit a candle inside of it, got cozy with a dark rum and ice and enjoyed listening to Peter Lorre and his kitty 😉 The purrr-fect spooky night!

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