Halloween Countdown: Matthew Reid

If you click on on this website, the title in the tab up top reads “The boring art of Matthew Reid”…a nice ironic touch since the work is undeniably fun and full of life (and death).

Kind of adorable…kind of quirky…a little bit deadly, with a splash of unpredictable whimsy…

A brand new one just making its debut:

The non-Halloween stuff is great as well. I cannot help but conjure stories in my imagination about these characters, so filled with twists and turns…

Matthew Reid


4 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Matthew Reid”

  1. This stuff is utterly crazy, that last one is mind boggling!

  2. Stephen Hughes Says:

    Great illustrations!

  3. I’m rather intrigued by the emerging trend of house headed characters. What do you suppose that’s all about?

  4. OMG! How do people simialr to Bernie Bicoy who is a twice convicted child molestor make bail?This punk impersonated himself as a attorney and Venture Capital VC Research Expert with a slippery tongue to win trust of children. Out of all people, the system released him home?Damn streets of Lake Forest are now dangerous. Is it possible to appeal?

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