Halloween Countdown: Uncredited Artists #1

Here are some selections I’ve run across without any credit to the artist. If you know who any of them may be, don’t hesitate to speak up!


It’s me!


11 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Uncredited Artists #1”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You surprised me down at the bottom there.

  2. I did not recognize any of the artists, I do recognize your taste in creepy Halloween art.

  3. I actually sent that cat as a Halloween card one year 😉

  4. That first one (the wooden witch wearing the Toddlers ‘n Tiaras style hot pink taffeta/lace dress) scares the bejeezus out of me (both for the terrifying face and the terrifying outfit!).

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    Too cool not to share, thanks to SheWalksSoftly.com and at https://shewalkssoftly.com/2012/10/09/halloween-countdown-uncredited-artists-1/

  7. Pumpkin wizard and spiderlady in a pumpkin hat! Great stuff!

  8. Someone may have already said, that haunted house second from the top is Lab Partners: http://work.lp-sf.com/11.php

  9. Tantefledermaus Says:

    The last one looks like it might be Paulina Stuckey

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