It took a while, but I finally got on Pinterest. I won’t be uploading things from my archive of 60,000 images (way too overwhelming). It’s more of a personal thing containing items I haven’t collected elsewhere, which may grow slowly over time.

Should you choose…

Follow Me on Pinterest

If you have suggestions for great boards involving dark art/illustration, oddities, antiques, vintage, monsters, Halloween, geekery, kitsch, photography or any of the countless things I post about, don’t hesitate to recommend them!

I suggest following my soul’s dear twin Carrie Filetti for amazing images.

9 Responses to “Pinterest”

  1. I’m glad to see you on Pinterest! I have posted some of your blog images on my boards in the past, I hope you don’t mind, and in the caption I make a point of saying they’re from your blog. Now I just have to share them. My twisted life has just gotten easier!

  2. hmmm… maybe I should start pinning too 😉 I’m just following some people there 😉 but I’m looking forward to your posts ^_^

  3. Yay!!! More vintage book covers! Those are my favorite. I’ll follow you. I think I pinned your awesome Jack-O-Lantern post.

  4. Thanks sweetie ❤ Pinterest is my playground. I look forward to more of your pins 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on drndark.

  6. I repin so many things from you and Carrie Filetti. It’s such a nice break from the many people who post countless pictures of food they will never make. So thank you both for pinning!!

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