I can’t give any information about Mirrei since the only source I have is entirely in Russian…but Crazy Cat Lady duty called when I saw these plush felines.

How awesome is this frazzled little kitty?

Over the shoulder bewildered stare…

Cleaning time…

See more creations here.

6 Responses to “Mirrei”

  1. Hahahah! It’s a living cartoon! Alright, not quite living, but I find it hard to imagine these remaining motionless. Joyous!

  2. Oh!!!! These are so perfect ❤

  3. Donna Boyle Says:

    These cat’s are absolutely ADORABLE!!
    Can they be purchased? I would love to buy them.

  4. I adore these, if there could be a pattern made available I would buy, or buy a completed kitty.

  5. Oh I love these, they’re very cartoon like but also very Siamese like ha ha ha and if you’ve ever known one, you know that mad look x

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