Vintage Lab Week: The Mask of Fu Manchu

Boris Karloff brings a delightfully sadistic performance to Sax Rohmer’s literary character in the 1932 film The Mask of Fu Manchu.

This adventure film with lavish sets and costumes features some great special effects using more of Ken Strickfaden’s electrical devices.  Check out these great laboratory settings!

Fu Manchu’s quest for the sword and mask of Genghis Khan shows a relentless and evil Pre-Code performance.

With his seductive daughter Fah Lo See (Myrna Loy) at his side, Fu Manchu looks to destroy and enslave the “white race.” Fah Lo See tortures the man she loves, but spurns her…

Like all adventure films of the period, peril and danger are overcome by good. In this case evil is trumped, and the sword of Ghengis Khan is removed as a threat to world domination. But not before a good dose of supernatural Mad Laboratory effects!

6 Responses to “Vintage Lab Week: The Mask of Fu Manchu”

  1. shewalkssoftly Says:

    Look at that third shot! Yowza! As always, excellent post… 🙂

  2. I think I might have one of those beakers in my house. I picked up a very large vintage 4000 ml one at a flea market for $2.00. It’s great for long stemmed lilies 😉

  3. You’re all such a hoot to follow 🙂 Great work on an already wonderful blog!

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