Tim Liddy

I found a great collection of hyper-realistic vintage board game paintings by Tim Liddy.

These oil and enamel creations are impressive…taped edges and all.

The approximate dates are on the bottom of most…

I want to play!

Tim Liddy

8 Responses to “Tim Liddy”

  1. I have that late 1940’s Cootie game! These are darned cool–more so that they are reasonably small sized works on copper, I see on the website.

  2. These are PAINTINGS?! That’s amazing! I love the “Mystery Date” box cover – talk about a bygone era. It reminds me of the Sweet Valley High board game I have at home. I need to force someone to play it with me asap!

  3. Paintings!!! WOW! If he were to do a vintage Hi Ho Cherry O, I might have to buy it! My childhood favorite:)

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