Wonderland Sticky Notes

Here’s a cute little product for people who actually still use pens and paper in the digital age (I happen to be attached to the antiquated written list).

Wonderland sticky notes! You can’t see the one in back very well, but it’s a “While You Were Down the Rabbit Hole” office memo. How fun…

Product Page

10 Responses to “Wonderland Sticky Notes”

  1. I love when someone goes the extra mile and makes little things like sticky notes fun to use.

  2. MayaWolf Says:

    Eeeeep! MUSt have, oh yes. I loves me some Tenniel Wonderland. Thanks for posting this!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Oh, you’re welcome! SO much has been done with Alice art, but Tenniel is a classic must-have.

  3. SQUEE! Those are amazingly perfect.

  4. Love them! Need my own set!

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