Beth Cavener Stitcher: The Four Humors

Thank you, Street Anatomy for pointing me toward Beth Cavener Stitcher’s Four Humors sculpture series. I had admired her work in the past, but was rather intrigued by these representations of Hippocratic medicine.

Sanguine – Too much blood – passionate, bold, impulsive

Choleric – Too much yellow bile – irritable, hostile, bitter

Melancholic – Too much black bile – depressed, anxious, moody

Phlegmatic – Too much phlegm – passive, introverted, rational

This must have been a powerful exhibit to see in person.

See more shots and info here.


2 Responses to “Beth Cavener Stitcher: The Four Humors”

  1. Gosh, they’re really straining every sinew. It all looks so contorted and painful. Doesn’t the phlegmatic one even look a little like a philosopher? It has the angry eye of all those Greek sculptures.

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