Klaus Haapaniemi

If you hadn’t guessed, I’m not a huge wearer of bright colors (it happens, but it’s usually somehow layered with dark things)…however, these bat & flower silk scarves by Klaus Haapaniemi are wonderful:

I’ve always loved the idea of half-hidden darkness or unconventionality. An unsuspecting onlooker would have to look closely to see the bats…but I’d know they’re there.

There are also spider patterns for the arachnid-inclined.

These are giving me craft ideas. I bet some fantastic embroidery creations could emerge with the mingling of bats and flowers.

Klaus Haapeniemi


8 Responses to “Klaus Haapaniemi”

  1. I think you’d look beautiful in light blues; elvin even!

  2. Oh my… the bat scarves are adorable. I would love that bat pattern to be on a long skirt. Indelibly cute! 😀 Thanks for posting!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      A skirt with this pattern would be lovely as well (I wear skirts far more often than scarves!).

  3. they remind me of the spider web tea cup you’d posted a few days ago.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I was thinking of those cups when I posted this because it’s the same kind of idea. Love both of them!

  4. Bat and spider scarves!!! I may have to change my wardrobe around for the excuse to wear such beauties! I do think I could get away with wearing one at church. Only I would know what was hidden within.

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