Haunted House Automaton

When I posted about the Mortuary Automaton, a kind reader linked me to this awesome Haunted House Automaton, supposedly from the Edinburgh Museum of Childhood.

Too bad the picture is so small because there’s some cool stuff going on here. I tried to find other videos on youtube to no avail, and googled a bit. In my humble opinion, “Haunted House Automaton” should yield many more results.

4 Responses to “Haunted House Automaton”

  1. That’s fantastic! Love all the little details. The Museum of Childhood sounds great, too. I can imagine modern children being shocked at the kind of toys their forebears had to put up with. They’ll probably be even more shocked when they realise a lot of them were actually pretty cool.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I wonder if modern kids could appreciate these old beauties. Would they choose an Xbox over an automaton? Most likely.

  2. That’s pretty great!

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