Vintage Monster Movie Barf Bags

What a brilliant marketing campaign! Simple, to the point, and bloody (pun intended) awesome. If you were lucky enough to see a select handful of B-movies and other cinematic treats in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, you may have gotten your very own vomit bag to commemorate the experience.

Did anyone actually go to a movie and get one of these back in the day?

Since readers of this blog often have great info to contribute, I would certainly appreciate anything you know about these. Have you seen collections of others?

I wish I had source links, but these are some choice cuts from my personal vintage vomit bag image collection. Not sure what that says about me that I’ve curated such a thing, but hey…you guys are still reading this right?

15 Responses to “Vintage Monster Movie Barf Bags”

  1. Ah, vomit bags. I wish I could say that movies really use to scare people back in the day and how silly and lame the movie was and how could anyone possibly react so strongly to it? I had the pleasure of wasting my money on the first paranormal Activity when I went to the theater to see it. *sigh* The only thing that made it worth it? To my surprise and delight and at the same time, my horror(how could they be so scared??)… there were individuals in the audience that were actually moved to screams. That was amusing…. what a buncha pansies! I didn’t know people still acted that way these days… minus the vomiting, although, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a straggler here or there… ;D

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Oh goodness…don’t get me started on recent horror movies! I have yet to see anything (aside from, perhaps, real life surgery videos for educational purposes) that might be worthy of a vomit bag.

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  3. “DO NOT RE-USE”

    Hahhahaha! Wonderful!

  4. I need these when I ride in the back seat of a car…the whole barfing experience would be a little more funny/thrilling than gross.

  5. Here’s a big collection: – look at “Movies & Shows”

  6. MayaWolf Says:

    Great marketing! Horror movies never seem to have the right affect on me. I’m the one going “Ooohhhh…now how did they get the eyeball to spurt like that?” Horror movie buzzkill.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Maya, my father is a special effects editor so I spent my whole childhood watching horror movies and asking “Daddy, how do you do that?” I totally get it! Nothing has ever really scared me.

  7. chibabag…

    […]Vintage Monster Movie Barf Bags « SheWalksSoftly[…]…

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