Geeky Easter Eggs

Here is a little collage of geeky Easter eggs I’ve saved over time.

Bite my shiny metal egg!

The whole Futurama crew:

Absolutely love these LEGO eggs:

Batman and Spidey:

Assorted superheroes:



Beep beep…boop boop…

More Star Wars (click to enlarge):

Battlestar Galactica (which I’ve never seen, but I do know many people who love it):


For the Tim Burton fans…

Look at this Cheshire Cat!

Now for some zombie Easter eggs.

If anyone has suggestions for others, send them my way!


13 Responses to “Geeky Easter Eggs”

  1. classic movie monsters….Bela Lugosi egg 😀

  2. […] that’s not to say that I wouldn’t paint the odd Easter egg or two, or that I won’t eat my weight in chocolate carrots today— and if you don’t know what […]

  3. These are great, but Lego egg just turned my world upside down! It’s shocking to see an old friend so totally transformed.

  4. Oh, if I had the time to make my own geeky eggs. My house would be full of these little delights!

  5. Okay, i just have to say it, this cracks me up!

  6. The egg that looks robotic to which you wrote, “Beep boop…beep boop” is actually a Dalek from Doctor Who. A more accurate caption would be, “EXTERMINATE!!”

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Some brain glitch had me thinking it looked more like R2D2…but now I see the Dalek-ness. Thanks!

  7. very nice work ! well done :o)

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