Vladimir Denshchikov: Macrame Religious Icons

Vladimir Denshchikov, Ukranian theater actor and teacher, took up an incredible hobby after suffering a stroke in 2007: macrame religious scenes.

With the exception of the faces, each scene is constructed entirely out of millions of knots. He uses no special tools, and even hand makes the thread from linen cloth!

Kudos to Mr. Denshchikov for beautifully mastering such an intricate craft after his health setback. Most people just watch a lot of reality TV while recoverin these days.

See a couple more photos and read a bit more at the source.


7 Responses to “Vladimir Denshchikov: Macrame Religious Icons”

  1. Lindsay Larkin Says:

    Wow! Just, wow.

  2. These are AMAZING!!! The detail & time! What an inspiration for everyone to never give up. His work deserves to be seen and his story told!

  3. I can’t believe a human being did this! It makes me wonder what kind of craft skills have been lost over the millennia. I’m sure people did incredible things that no-one any longer knows how to do.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Most human craftsmanship has now been replaced by machines, so these skills are often lost nowadays. It’s wonderful to see somebody resurrecting them and putting such time and care into their projects.

  4. I’m truly amazed!

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