Face Off: Tim Burton

Face Off very effectively pits my love of horror makeup design against my aversion to reality TV (WHY can’t this be a regular documentary series? Fewer petty squabbles and more monsters, please!).

Contestants are given various cinematic makeup challenges. Recently they were asked to create something that looks “Tim Burton inspired.” I inadvertently caught about 10 seconds of this episode and figured I’d check out the results.

Here are some of the creations.

This was the challenge winner:

Since most of you reading this have probably seen a Burton film or two (*wink, wink*)…what do you think of these? The winner was pretty well done, but I’m also a fan of the bellhop character.

I think the episode will be on Hulu at some point. See a little recap here.

22 Responses to “Face Off: Tim Burton”

  1. They look really great! It’s an interesting concept for a reality/game/talent show or whatever they’re called. As far as I remember they seldom end up anything other than a performance of something, so having a sort of object is cool. Wouldn’t convince me to watch it though!

  2. I’ve never heard of the “Face Off”. I can’t remember the last time I watched a TV show but this is one I might have to take the time for. Funny you had mentioned the Bellhop because before I read your messages, I scrolled down looking at the pictures. Bellhop was my favorite (imagine that *wink*)! How fun this must have been doing! I wonder if Mr. Burton watched it & who was his favorite.

  3. MayaWolf Says:

    I’m a fan of this show. While the “game show” aspects are annoying, it introduces the time element, which happens in the real world as well, so it’s kinda legit. I’d like to add that another twist to the challenge was the make-up artists had to choose a vocation from a list, which is why you have a bellhop and a cello player. Not surprisingly, these were some of the last vocations to be picked as they seemed to be most difficult to meld with Mr. Burton’s style, but their very difficulty lead the artists to push themselves, and subsequently win.

    • Ooh…thanks for the extra info! I had no idea there was a vocational portion of the assignment. I’ll watch this episode if I can find it on Hulu soon.

  4. Lindsay Larkin Says:

    The bellhop was by far the most original and totally Tim Burton. He’s probably rolling in his grave right now (I know he’s not dead) that he didn’t come up with it himself.

  5. Andy Clarke Says:

    Wot I think:

    Ice Cream Man: headshot awesome, didn’t do much with the rest of the costume.
    Bellhop: really good.
    Cello Man: pretty good.
    Marionette Man: great concept, could’ve been executed better.
    Cupcake Girl, Plumber(?) Man: someone’s halloween costume.

  6. My friend made me watch this episode because she knew I’d love it. As soon as they gave the list of occupations to choose from I said “I’d want Bellhop!” And I think he was the best, as far as being Burton-esque. I loved the Ice Cream man but I think he was a little too scary to be a Burton character.

  7. Comment1, wordpress doesn’t allow more than 2 comments in a thread so I can’t reply directly, but…THAT’S IT! Thank you!

  8. The bellhop was actor Landon Ashworth and HE IS FUCKIN BOSS!!!! http://www.landonashworth.com !!!

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