Science, Art, Wonder

This image deserves its own post. I’ve posted it in black and white diagram form before, but here’s a new incarnation of the concept.

The problem with “micro blogging” these days is that images circulate wildly without any credit given to the original artist. Those (like me) who prefer to cite sources whenever possible are quite out of luck. I’ve found so many amazing things on micro-blogs…and can’t trace them.

No source on this one, folks.

[Edit] The artist actually found this post and sent me the proper link for credit! Hooray!

8 Responses to “Science, Art, Wonder”

  1. SaptarshiC Says:

    It’s funny, but some of the greatest scientists had the best imaginations. Take Einstein for instance, he built his general theory based on thought experiments. And he was incredibly accurate.

    At the very heart of it, the two things are really one.

  2. This is so true! It’s a real shame that so many people divide this stuff into bits and see one as a threat to the other.

    It’s also cool to see all those equations! I keep hearing about scientists using metaphors to explain discoveries, and then a whole bunch of people write books that take those metaphors and go mad with them without doing all the stuff to demonstrate that it isn’t JUST a story.

    It’s crazy. First people were scared of nuclear, then vaccines, now I hear people are scared of astronomy because they think a star is about to crash into the Earth and kill us all. It’s a bit shocking.


  3. Thank you so much for posting the image and for wanting to credit the source! I made and posted this on my tumblr about a month ago ( and have been amazed at the response it garnered! It’s also permalinked on my wordpress portfolio (; I’d love it if you posted the link!

    Thanks again for the repost and for pointing out the need for creditation on microblogs. I’m planning to do a whole series of these and have definitely learned my lesson!

    • I’m SO glad you found this post and were able to let us know that this is your work! Feel free to share the new work with me (for a new post, perhaps). 🙂

  4. It is maddening to try to find the artist source behind so many things online! Thanks for your diligence! Thanks @KZVEZDAM for finding & siting your work! Sharing ASAP & bookmarked your blog!

    • Tell me about it. Between Tumblr and Pinterest I feel like I’m in a mad whirlwind of constant sourceless re-blogging. Artists work hard on their material and I’d like a chance to give credit where credit is due.

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