Geek Tissue Boxes

What better accoutrement than geeky tissue boxes could there be for those video game nights at the height of cold and flu season?

Classic video games, new ones, and even the Rubix Cube of yesteryear are represented in this awesome set.

See closeups and tutorials of the crafting process here.

8 Responses to “Geek Tissue Boxes”

  1. SaptarshiC Says:

    Ah, memories. It’s been a while since I stomped some goombas.

    • Mario was the ONLY game I ever really enjoyed playing. I don’t think I’ve played a video game since the original Nintendo.

      • SaptarshiC Says:

        There have been some great ones since. Try the Final Fantasy 3 (Japanese version 6) for the SNES system. It was released sometime around the 90s and it’s still so damn good. A lot of modern games just don’t have it in them.

  2. These are awesome. I totally want one but damn that looks like a lot of work. I checked Etsy but but the ones there aren’t nearly as nice.

  3. These are so fun! And just the other day (not kidding) I was thinking how boring my tissue box was. Now I must make a fun little cover for it! 🙂

    • They should sell picture frame tissue box covers so people can add their own images. I always end up adding art pieces or strange vintage printed materials instead of “people photos” though!

  4. I heart those boxes. I’m pretty sure I need them. 🙂

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