Holiday Video Roundup

Tired of the same old specials on TV? Here are some alternatives.

Let’s kick things off with this warped and wonderful “Spumco Christmas Card,” by Ren and Stimpy mastermind John K.:

I believe this claymation video was supposed to be aired on TV, but was actually cut (perhaps due to the kiddies getting beaten up?):

If not for my dear, talented friend J.E. Larson, I would not have remembered this 1950 rendition of “The Night Before Christmas.” PUPPETS!

Mr. Larson also made sure I didn’t skip the priceless Nativity Scene (this is just the first part, see the youtube sidebar for links to the rest):

And now to go waaaaaaay back to 1898, a simpler time, before Christmas was about Xboxes and iPads:

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the 1968 Terry Gilliam Christmas Card:

And here’s a suggestion from My Pink Planet; a post-apocalyptic anti-war cartoon in which forest critters rebuild a world after the humans have destroyed it.

We’ll top things off with a gelatin Christmas tree from none other than Charles Phoenix, whom you may remember from his fantastic Fried Cereal video:

5 Responses to “Holiday Video Roundup”

  1. Wonderful collection, thanks! I can hardly believe that jelly tree worked out so well, amazing!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Believe it or not, I have a giant collection of “Awful Vintage Gelatin” photographs, featuring recipes, ads and pictures of Jell-O abominations. This tree made my day!

  2. Aw! Loved these! Those old ones are so spooky in ways! & I’m so going to do the jello tree someday:)

  3. Minakitty (Mary) Says:

    I make a point to watch “Peace on Earth” on YouTube every year. It was remade in 1955 as “Good Will To Men” with updated weaponry, but the message was, and is, still the same.

    I also enjoyed “Santa Claus” from 1898. I agree with Carrie that the oldest films have a spooky quality.

  4. Awesome! I loved the Terry Gilliam card (which I had NOT seen before despite being a huge fan of his–thanks!) and the 1898 Santa film.

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