Holiday Desktop Goodies Part 2

Behold, the Castle Grayskull igloo!


I vaguely remember this special…

Aww…look at this little gentleman from Handmade Stuffs:

A little metallic minimalism:

And for those who don’t want minimalism, a giant ball of Christmas pudding:

Absolutely no comment here. This blog is a family establishment.

Hey…Santa isn’t supposed to be a rugged lumber jack! If this version of our beloved St. Nicholas showed up at my house, I’d give him yard work to do.

If Santa were a Shih Tzu:

And this one appears to have had a run-in with some pepper spray.

He sees you when you’re sleeping…

Now for some beautiful sweets, a gingerbread typewriter:

If anyone has either of these musical gems, please share!

On the other hand, please do NOT send me this album. Oh Scott Weiland…why? I gave STP quite a few spins in my adolescence, but Weiland’s crooning on this album makes me sad, uncomfortable, and a bit embarrassed for him. Go ahead and listen to some samples if you want to see why this is what the bad children should get for Christmas.

Speaking of sad, it looks like this Santa was just released from the burn unit:

One of a series of Christmas illustrations by Graham Wilson (he does some great Christmas/Halloween mashups too).

Proportion? Never heard of it. Santa is magical. He can do what he wants.

A decoration for the Trekkies!

Kitteh refuses to be your holiday prop (I love the hand on the left, presumably going to help…a little too late).

This X-ray tree by Nick Veasey (whom I could have sworn I posted about before, but is not turning up in my searches) would make a wonderful holiday card.

Or if you prefer a glow in the dark variety:

We’ll finish with this amazing Harold Lloyd Christmas tree, recently posted by my friends at Unusual Life.

4 Responses to “Holiday Desktop Goodies Part 2”

  1. hee! balls!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Proportionally, this post has more balls than 99% of SheWalksSoftly material (with the exception of my recent exploding ornament post).

  2. cake wrecks get me every time..

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Same here. I always search for contenders in the supermarket when I go…but most of the ones I see are JUST on the edge of the Wreck Kingdom. 🙂

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