William Bezek: Ghost of Jacob Marley Door Knocker

William Bezek is one of the artists I keep coming back to on this blog because he repeatedly produces unique new work that I happen to find delightful. Just in time for the holiday season, we have the Ghost of Jacob Marley Door Knocker!

What an amazing idea for a door decoration!

You may remember this scene from A Christmas Carol. On a related note, here is the very first surviving film adaptation of the story, made in 1901 by the English movie pioneer R.W. Paul:

Bezek is also responsible for the greatest custom wedding proposal sculpture I’ve seen, and some lovely pumpkins I’ve previously posted.


18 Responses to “William Bezek: Ghost of Jacob Marley Door Knocker”


    Poor bastard’s even crying because he’s cold, lonely and chewing on something he doesn’t want to chew on. Truly, ’tis Christmas.

  2. Thank you sincerely for the feature, I like your taste in artists!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Colleen, what a great suggestion! I’ve never seen his work before and it’s right up my alley. Thanks so much for the link!

  3. […] Found on the always-awesomeshewalkssoftly.com […]

  4. I loved this os much I made my own!

  5. I want it! I would keep it up year round in my home. A Christmas Carol being my favorite book, movie, and sentiment. It is truely beautiful.

  6. coool doorknocker..can it be purchased????

  7. Susan Herbst Says:

    Can the Jacob Marley Door Knocker be purchased? If so how much? Please reply. Thank You.

  8. Where can this be purchased?

  9. Bernie Deorocki Says:

    How much is this & where can I purchase it?

  10. Sydney Dunham Says:

    Please let me know if this is available for purchase!

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