Halloween Countdown: John Zacherley- Coolest Little Monster

When John Zacherley’s “Coolest Little Monster” came on in a streaming Halloween mix, I stopped everything…chuckling and marveling at the sweet greatness of this song.

Zacherley sings to his beloved little monster about all the delightful gifts he’ll bring her to show his love.

I couldn’t find a youtube video, but I did find it on the wonderful WMFU’s Beware of the Blog.

The lyrics haven’t been transcribed, as far as I can find anyway, but who can resist lines like

I’ll send a lipstick of arsenic
One urn of sunburn
Six cups of hiccups
A binful of sinful
‘Cause you’re the coolest little monster
That ever put the spook on me

Download “Coolest Little Monster and three other songs!

Go ahead…send this little ditty to the one you love this season.

I actually posted about Zacherley before, with his presidential campaign (and yet another spelling of his name, which makes three that I’ve seen so far).

Check out Monster Mash/Scary Tales and Spook Along With Zacherley for more tunes.


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