Though he sites MC Escher and Buckminster Fuller as influences, Dick Termes has developed an intriguing art form of his own: the Termesphere.

“Imagine that you are standing inside a transparent ball suspended fifty feet above the Grand Canyon floor. You are higher than some canyon walls and lower than others. You have paints and a brush, and you begin to paint what you see on the inside surface of the ball. You paint the north face, then the east, south, and west. Finally, you paint everything visible above and below you. You move your globe to safe ground and step out to observe your paintings.Walking around the sphere, you see that you have captured the entire three dimensional landscape. In fact, you’ve discovered the structure of your visual experience.”

Termes transforms architecture, landscapes and fantastical worlds in his imagination to spherical representations. They hang in space and roate on a central axis, powered by motors.

I am duly impressed with his combination of creativity, mathematics, theory and execution.

If you really want your mind blown, read his illustrated description of the 6 Point Perspective.

Apparently pop culture bloggers have invented and embraced the word “AMAZEBALLS” for use in juicy celebrity gossip. I feel that word is more fitting in reference to Termespheres.

See more here.

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