Ryan Matthew: Sliced Skulls

I hate to bid goodbye to the Ryan Matthew theme week because it’s been a blast, but I suppose all good things must come to and end.

Behold this recent creation: a human skull sliced into six sections, mounted on handmade metal fixtures.

The adjustable sections fan out from a central point, and the corresponding split mandible rests on its own stand below.

Apparently the human skull, when cut, produces a staggering amount of dust (coveted by certain collectors…nothing goes to waste).

The remarkable cross sections allow one to view the inner and outer structure of the cranial bones. I love looking at the spatial relationships, varying density, and tiny nuances that (most of us) rarely fixate upon. Like the exploded skulls, these would make phenomenal educational tools.

I see a great deal of potential in this technique, for personal and professional purposes. There was even brief talk of constructing models that incorporate soft tissue specimens (I might have audibly squealed with delight at the idea…I hope not).

This piece is currently under glass, in the center of Ryan’s dining room table…a perfect spot, and fabulous dinner company.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Ryan, he’s not likely to rest on his osteological laurels. His focus, dedication and skills are are highly commendable. I have no doubt that we can expect countless incredible undertakings in the months and years to come.

Brilliant work, all around. It’s been an honor.

Ryan Matthew

(Photos by Sergio Royzen)

4 Responses to “Ryan Matthew: Sliced Skulls”

  1. What a cool piece! I’ve truly never seen anything like it and my eyes are jumping out of my head trying to take it in. I also love the skull Ryan did that was split on top. It’s pretty staggering to see what he can accomplish with these skulls and simple tools. And I’m so jealous of his collection.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Yes, what drew me to his work was that he not only resurrected Beauchene’s technique of “exploding” a skull, but has developed methods of his own to add to his repetoire. I love seeing that kind of innovation and self-taught expertise.

  2. i wanted to know were can i contact the man who created this piece and dose he have a online store

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