Nathalie Miebach

Nathalie Miebach is a truly unique talent. Her sculptures are a fusion of art and science that I have never seen before; meticulous collection of data, brought to life in woven fibers and bright color.

“Changing Waters” looks at the meteorological and oceanic interactions within the Gulf of Maine. Using data from NOAA and GOMOSS buoys within the Gulf of Maine, as well as weather stations along the coast, I am translating data that explores the seasonal variations of marine life by looking at the interactions of atmospheric and marine data.

I want to climb into her brain and see what it’s like in there!

In this series she takes it a step further by translating weather data into musical scores, which she then translates into sculpture!

I can’t give an adequate representation of how cool this stuff is without copying and pasting all of the images and explanations, so go have a look at her site!

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