New World Transparent Specimens

Japanese artist Iori Tomita creates stunning aquatic specimens.

As an undergraduate student majoring in fisheries, Tomita learned the process of creating transparent specimens by means of dissolving the creature’s natural proteins (in order to get a better look at intricate bone structures). The process of rendering the anatomy translucent and injecting dye can take four to six months.

Here were have the architecture of nature and the artistry of man, beautifully paired…

In my opinion these specimens would be a wonderful educational tool as well.

See more here.


4 Responses to “New World Transparent Specimens”

  1. sublime. love this.

  2. You find the most amazing oddities.

  3. These are amazing. You find the most amazing oddities.

  4. UGH! I thought the first post didn’t take!

    I’m one of THOSE people!

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