Time/Life: Science/Library

Dan Funderburgh has designed a series of wallpapers and prints based on vintage scientific images.

Looking at the large wallpaper panels nearly made me hyperventilate (why do I experience the covetous lust for scientific art that most women feel toward shoes and handbags?).

Hang on…I’m still fantasizing about having one of these panels in my house…perhaps this one (such subtle brilliance!)…

“The work of a scientist is based on the conviction that nature is basically orderly. Evidence to support this faith can be seen with the naked eye – in the design of a honeycomb or a mollusk’s shell – but scientists seek and discover patterns at every level of being. – The Scientist, Henry Margenau. This series of prints and wallpapers is an interpretation of the Time Science Library – 25 books that were published between 1964 and 1967 on topics such as ‘Energy’ ,’Matter’, and ‘The Mind’. The work is a recognition of the art of knowledge and of the poetry of things we do not and can not know. It’s also a tribute to my parents who are biochemists and my grandfather – an engineer who left me the books.” – Dan Funderburgh.



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