Halloween Countdown: Bats, Bones, Claws and Pumpkin Road Rage

Okay, here are two totally unrelated things I just came across. If you really use your imagination, they fit right into the Halloween Countdown.

First, look at this fruit bat. Check out that tubular nose! This guy is a cut above your generic Halloween bat in terms of personality. I’m constantly tempted to imitate how (my twisted brain believes) he talks:

Next, the anatomically correct Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Jason Freeny.

On the flip side, we have this extremely INCORRECT rendition of pumpkin anatomy, featured on The Surfing Pizza. This toy was placed in the perfect category of “Not Really Evil, But Kind of a Jerk.”

Never thought you’d get to see a rubber, rabbit-faced, four-limbed, lanky, pumpkin-headed creature, riding upright on a bike with more than a healthy dose of road rage despite the gigantic lollipop on board? VIOLA! Thanks, Pizza!

Now, the Claws Will Tear Us Apart shirt. A favorite animal, a favorite album, a clever image:

7 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Bats, Bones, Claws and Pumpkin Road Rage”

  1. 😀
    yay! Halloween oddities! i would lOVE to have the stay puft man on my bookshelf.

  2. Your countdown is every bit as fantastic as I anticipated. I’ve enjoyed every post. I love that Stay Puft marshmallow man, and that pumpkin on a bike should be the menace in some movie. The bat looks like the viceroy of fruit bats and isn’t as cute as the fruit bat I used to have as a pet whom I used to refer to as my puppy dog with wings.

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