Halloween Countdown: Oriental Trading Co. Roundup

I am slightly partial to the choices for Last year’s Oriental Trading Co. Halloween post (so definitely check out those items if you haven’t!). But here are a few new ones that caught my eye.

Edible Cake Decorating Prints: This is a great way to jazz up a simple cake. Very classy, completely edible!

Frosted Monster Bash Suckers: Nicely articulated as far as lollipops go. That’s some fancy monster design work for a mass produced lolli.

Lampshade Topper: I hope no one would mind if I put this on my lamp and conveniently “forgot” to take it down for the rest of the year.

Glitter Skeleton: In a word…FIERCE! Not scary-fierce, mind you. Disco ball fierce. Club fierce. RuPaul fierce.

LED Skull With Sound: This little chum just looks so friendly. He laughs too. Of course he laughs! He’s having a nice day. He hopes you have a nice day too.

LED Skeleton Torso: Now this guy is just GREAT. Look at him! Look at those evil eyes glowing red, and the nice rotting appearance! Bang up job on this prop.

Bendable Skeleton Hands: I’m not going to lie…this could be a craft staple all year round. And while I’m not sure they have any practical purpose, I still think they’re fun. I’d like to leave a bunch of them out at a Halloween party and see how people idly bend and arrange them during conversation.

And now for a change of pace…

Christian Pumpkin Fuzzy Magnets: I’m going to come right out and say it…this makes me uncomfortable. I’m sure Jesus was a nice guy, but he practically monopolizes the holiday market. In this particular case the history couldn’t have anything LESS to do with Jesus. Yet there’s a whole “Jesus Shine In Me” page of products.

I’m not okay with this reclamation of my favorite holiday.

I only wish they were simply starting a trend of rogue holiday subterfuge, soon to be followed by dreidel-painted Easter eggs and Santa headlining the St. Patrick’s Day parade.


One Response to “Halloween Countdown: Oriental Trading Co. Roundup”

  1. People should wear what they want,rather than blindly follow others.

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