Halloween Countdown: Laurie Lipton

Welcome to a month of Halloween posts! I won’t post about Halloween exclusively, because I know some folks out there get a bit tired of it. But I definitely have a bunch of Halloween goodies to share.

I’m attending the Lowbrow Tarot Art Show tonight. One of my favorite artists, Laurie Lipton, will have a piece on display.

I figured her work would be a great way to usher in the month of October. But PLEASE…do not just look at these images here. Go to her website and see the full sizes. You will not believe how much detail is lost here.

Lipton has an outstanding array of skeleton art to start your month off right (I had to choose just a few but there are many others). Keep in mind, all of these are pencil-on-paper drawings.

And check out these masks!

Really, go in for a closer look!

See my previous posts on Laurie Lipton’s Day of the Dead and Weapons of Mass Delusion

I can’t believe I’m missing her Machine Punk exhibit next month!

5 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Laurie Lipton”

  1. I have a tank top with the wedding cake, all saints had a whole line of tees and tanks with her artwork!

  2. Millstream30 Says:

    Don`t know if you`re still looking but Haute look is currently having a sale for All Saints, a t-shirt with Laurie Lipton’s tête à tête is on sale there. All of their products are only available a few days though.

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