Win a Chance to Get Buried Alive!

This promotional event for the movie Buried is one of the strangest contest ideas I’ve ever heard, so it gets points for novelty. Not sure any amount of novelty could make me sign up to get buried alive though.

In celebration of [the film release], the Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest hosted Buried with BURIED: Rolling Roadshow of One. Four lucky (or not so lucky, depending on how you look at it) people were picked to be blindfolded, have a burlap sack put over their head, then silently driven 30 miles outside of the city. There, they were put in coffins and only then were they allowed to remove the blindfolds, where they’d see an LCD screen that would show Buried.

Splendid evening, eh? Gotta appreciate the postmodern spin of this…meta-burial.

Here is the movie trailer:


One Response to “Win a Chance to Get Buried Alive!”

  1. … so what happens to the losers? do they get left in their little coffins?

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