Cereal Marshmallows

This site has been making the rounds online for a while. And although I like to avoid posting things that show up everywhere, I can’t help but pay tribute to an idea that so thoroughly caters to one’s inner child.

Since I’m a “best for last” habitual eater, I liked to save a special concentration of marshmallows for my last few bites of cereal as a child. Oooh…those last bites…kid heaven.

We all know that the little dehydrated marshmallow pellets in cereal and cocoa are disgusting. The nostalgia factor alone counts for something (after all, it was candy IN your breakfast). And some foods are just so artificial, so ridiculous, so…seemingly inedible…that you must respect them. I put these marshmallows in a category with Twinkies and Yoo-Hoo. I don’t care if they’re abominations…I love them, and no one can’t stop me.

The child in me still squeals like I’ve stumbled upon a treasure when I see those giant bags. This used to be food we had to WORK for. And now it’s all there in its crunchy, oddly colored, ambiguously shaped glory. There is something powerfully decadent about owning a bag of Cereal Marshmallows. I think I’d feel like I could conquer the world.

Purchase your own here

…and pardon me while I retire to contemplate ways of distilling other hard-earned elements of kid food for production and sale.

6 Responses to “Cereal Marshmallows”

  1. Good GOD! I had no idea something like this existed!!!!

    You rule the pool.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Thank you! Hopefully I’m helping many people feed their inner child (or…put their inner child into a sugar coma).

  2. A bunch of us at work were just talking about what cereal would be great to augment with these….(for those who weren’t brave enough for pure marshmallows…

    1. Rice Crispies
    2. Corn Flakes
    3. Alphabits
    4. Lucky Charms (adding two more cups of these to a bowl would be heaven on earth).

  3. Wow. This is an exceptional find! These would be great to throw into a cup of hot chocolate…yum

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Yes…RAINBOW hot chocolate. I always feel like I’m in a race to slurp up those hot chocolate marshmallows before they all disintegrate. I’d love to add these.

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