LA “Artinerary”

Okay, I made up the word, but here is my LA art itinerary (artinerary). There are so many fantastic galleries out here, it was actually hard to choose a handful to prioritize.

Congregation Gallery Black Plague Art Show, which I already posted about

Copro Gallery- The Blab Show (this one features many of my favorite artists)

Corey Helford Gallery (currently has a Buff Monster exhibit, followed by a three artist show featuring Krista Huot, MIA and Korin Faught)

Distinction Gallery- Andy Haynes (solo show)

Gallery 1988- 3G Show: Ghostbusters, Goonies and Gremlins (a sweet heap of 80’s movie nostalgia…huge group show!)

Gallery Meltdown- The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep

Gallery Nucleus- Sweet Streets II (massive group show!)

Subliminal Projects- Shepard Fairey

And of course, the Lowbrow Tarot Art Show

So much great art…so little time! Now onto checking museums, music and film…


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