Laser Cut Victorian Doll House

After my brief foray into the artistic underworld of sickening pretension, I’m back to featuring something I’m absolutely crazy about: the Laser Cut Victorian Doll House.

I was recently musing about hypothetical components of my “dream house.” Well, I’m pretty sure it’s all here.

I think I want to pin a picture of this on the wall for inspiration. Luckily, if I can never live in a house like this…I’m pretty sure I’d be thrilled just to have the model.

It would take a staggering amount of work to put this together, properly painted and all. But it would be SO worth the finished product!

(Note: a generous benefactor…we’ll call him…Sir Blue Flavor…has tentatively agreed to fulfill my dreams of owning this, under the condition that I address my remaining health troubles and get nice and strong…he’s got a DEAL!)

Ah, a girl can dream


2 Responses to “Laser Cut Victorian Doll House”

  1. I love the art that you post up and just you’re blog in general. Its everything I’m interested in ill be looking forward to what you’ll post up next!

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